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How To Deal With A Frozen Ductless Air Conditioning System

20 August 2020
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Ductless air conditioning systems are a reliable and cost-effective cooling solution for almost any home and have many advantages over more conventional ducted AC systems. However, ductless air conditioners are still vulnerable to some of the mechanical problems that frequently affect other types of AC systems. Ice accumulating inside your ductless air conditioning system is a problem in and of itself, but it can also be a symptom of a more serious mechanical malfunction.
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Your Home Can Benefit From Outdoor Outlets

23 July 2020
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You do not just need power for the inside of your home. Although you may not realize it, you also have plenty of outside electrical needs. If your home does not have outlets outside, learn why this addition is a great idea. Outside Entertainment Access to outdoor outlets can also make your time spent outside much more entertaining and enjoyable. Whether you want to install a television in a covered porch area, bring out the stereo system, or set up an inflatable house for your kids, having access to power outside provides you with plenty of options.
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Reasons Your AC Compressor Fan Might Need Repair

22 June 2020
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The compressor is located in your outdoor unit. It's responsible for pumping refrigerant from that outdoor unit to the one located inside your house. The compressor is partially responsible for removing heat from the air, so it needs to disperse that heat. That's where the compressor fan comes in — it ventilates the inside of the unit. If your compressor fan stops working, the compressor itself can no longer function properly.
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The Best AC Solutions For Your Summer Installation Project

15 May 2020
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This summer you may be planning on an AC installation project to keep your home cool and comfortable for less. Therefore, you are probably looking for the latest technology and HVAC design to make your cooling more efficient. These can be solutions like smart HVAC and heat pumps, but you probably want to know what the best air conditioning design will be for your home. The following AC solutions are the best air conditioning installation options for more efficient cooling during the summer heat:
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Summer AC Troubleshooting Guide To Get To The Bottom Of Problems And Repair Your Air Conditioner Quickly

14 April 2020
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The hot summer months are a time when you do not want the AC to go out, but due to the system overworking, you are most likely to have problems during the heat. Therefore, you want to make sure you know how to troubleshoot your air conditioner to determine the repairs that will be needed during this time of the year. The following AC troubleshooting guide will help you determine the repairs that you AC may need during summer heatwaves:
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