4 Problems With Biomass Radiant Heating Systems That May Need Repairs To Get You Through The Winter Months

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4 Problems With Biomass Radiant Heating Systems That May Need Repairs To Get You Through The Winter Months

4 Problems With Biomass Radiant Heating Systems That May Need Repairs To Get You Through The Winter Months

2 January 2020
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If you have biomass radiant heating to efficiently heat your home during the winter months, you may have problems with the system that can cause you to go without heating. Sometimes, these problems are just minor issues that can be fixed with simple maintenance, but some of the problems are going to need more complicated repairs. The following tips will help you with the biomass heating repairs that you may need to make it through the winter: 

Biomass Boilers and the Problems That Affect the Heating System During the Winter Months 

The boilers that provide heating to radiators, baseboards, and other radiant heating systems can sometimes have problems. These problems with biomass boilers consist of issues with the burner and fuel feed, which can be due to a bad igniter or the adjustments to the system not starting efficiently. Problems with the igniter will just require it to be replaced, while issues with fuel feed will need to be adjusted to maximize efficiency and prevent problems.  

Fuel Feeding Systems and Problems with the Boiler Not Getting the Fuel That Is Needed  

The fuel feeding systems of biomass boilers can have problems due to issues with the auger feeding system and other components. Sometimes, these systems use smaller motors that can fail and cause problems with the boiler not getting the fuel that is needed for operation and heating your home. These issues usually call for the installation of new motors, which can also be upgraded to make your heating system more efficient when you have these types of repairs done.  

Radiators That Are Outdated, Damaged, and Have Problems with Connections, Valves, and Controls  

Sometimes, the problems with your radiant heating system are old and outdated radiators. This can be due to problems with wear and issues with fittings and valves. Therefore, to get your radiators working properly, sometimes, repairs like replacing fittings and pipes that circulate the heat through the system are needed to keep your heating working in cold weather.  

Radiant Heating Pumps and Plumbing Problems That Can Cause Issues with Your Biomass Heating  

The radiant heating system and boiler of your household heating systems use water pumps to circulate water there the radiators and other elements of the system. If there is a problem with the pump for your system, you will need to have it repaired to keep the heating on. Sometimes, these pumps can be repairs or rebuilt, but often need to be replaced with newer more efficient designs.  

These are some tips to help with the repairs that biomass heating systems that you may need to get through the winter weather. If you need help with the repairs to get you through the season, contact a heating repair service to help with the repairs that will be needed before the next blast of cold winter weather.  

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