Signs Your Central AC Needs More Coolant

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Signs Your Central AC Needs More Coolant

Signs Your Central AC Needs More Coolant

22 September 2019
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One of the most common reasons that central air conditioners stop cooling properly is due to low coolant. The coolant in a central AC system is absolutely vital for the system to cool a house properly and efficiently, and you might suspect that your system needs more coolant if you are experiencing any of the following signs.

There is ice buildup

If your system is acting up, a good place to start is by going outside to look at the outdoor part of the system, which is called the condenser. This part of the system helps it extract heat outside in order to cool your house, and if your system needs coolant, you might see ice inside this outdoor unit. If so, it is a sure sign that your system is low.

The system is working but is blowing warm air instead of cool air

A system that does not have enough coolant will generally keep running as it tries to cool your house down to the temperature listed on the thermostat. Therefore, if your coolant is low, you might notice that the system keeps running; however, the air coming from your vents would be warm instead of cool.

The system is short cycling

When a central AC system short cycles, it means that it keeps turning on and then off relatively quickly, and the system will keep doing this as it tries to cool your house. If you are not sure if your system is doing this, go outside again by the outdoor part of the system and listen and watch. If you hear it come on and then see it shut off a minute later, and then if you see this occurring over and over, it means that the system is short cycling. This too is a sign that it needs more coolant.

Your bills are really high, yet your house is warm

The other sign to watch for is with your energy bills. Are your bills starting to cost more money lately, yet you feel as though your house is humid and hot? If so, it could be due to a shortage of coolant in your system, and the only way to fix this is by hiring a contractor to add more coolant to it.

The only way you can know if your coolant is low is by having it tested, and you can get your system tested by contacting a company that offers air conditioning repair services.

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