Routine HVAC Maintenance And Recognizing The Need For Repairs

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Routine HVAC Maintenance And Recognizing The Need For Repairs

Routine HVAC Maintenance And Recognizing The Need For Repairs

14 August 2019
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Your heating and cooling system works more efficiently when you provide routine maintenance to your system. Before the beginning of the cooling season, your system should be serviced so that it is ready to work hard every day. You will want to get your filters changed and have your air conditioner checked for efficiency. You may need to have refrigerant added to the system, and small repairs made to the compressor and blower. Your system will be cleaned and ready to keep your home cool all summer. When your system is maintained, you are going to have fewer problems with emergency HVAC repairs. Save money on emergencies by getting your air conditioner serviced for maintenance instead.

System Maintenance Every Year

Your air conditioning should have the filters changed monthly when you are using your air conditioner every day. This helps keep your system from overheating, as your system will have the air it needs to keep your home cool. Refrigerant levels are checked, the air conditioner is assessed for efficiency, and any small repairs are made so that your air conditioner can cool down your home easily.

When Your System Is Short Cycling

You might hear your air conditioner turn on and off without changing the temperature in your home. This is called short-cycling, and it happens when your system is overheating or the temperature setting is not correct. Your system can overheat if the air filter is clogged, or if the refrigerant levels are low. You may notice that your evaporator coils are filling up with ice, which can cause your system to short cycle. The first step is to turn off your air conditioner and let the ice melt. Change your filter and turn your system back on. If this doesn't fix your problem, you will need to call for an HVAC repair.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Free of Debris

Yard debris can accumulate around your outdoor unit, causing problems with the efficiency of the system. Clean around the exterior of your outdoor unit periodically, and check your air conditioner after any big storms to make sure there aren't any leaves or branches built up around the unit.

Get your system serviced before every cooling season. Understand how to change the air filters, and get your system optimized for the hot weather coming. Remove debris from your unit, and pay attention to small problems. If you have any concerns, call for an HVAC repair technician to come and investigate.

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