Plumbing Problems & Kids: 2 Peas In A Pod

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Plumbing Problems & Kids: 2 Peas In A Pod

Plumbing Problems & Kids: 2 Peas In A Pod

10 July 2019
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If you are a parent, you are probably aware of how quickly accidents can happen when a child is unsupervised. One area that is particularly interesting to children, but especially dangerous for them, is the bathroom. Not only can children get hurt in the bathroom, but they can actually do a lot of damage with very few actions. In order to help you better protect your child and your home, here are a few common plumbing problems that kids can cause and the plumbing services that can get you out of the jam.

Clogged Toilets

Is it the flushing lever? The swirling water? The sound it makes? No matter what draws a child's attention to the toilet, most children keep their focus there whenever they are unsupervised in the bathroom. Many a plumber has been called to the rescue of parents whose toilets are overflowing thanks to a giant wad of toilet paper. Forget the number of squares, some children just throw in the entire roll! Skilled plumbers are able to remove the blockage and get the toilet back to normal quickly. Avoid this problem in the future by putting a lock on your toilet or a guard on your toilet paper roll. 

Broken Pipes

Exploration of the pipes under the sink has often resulted in pipes being broken by body weight. Pipes should never be hung on or pushed to one side (to make more room for hiding under the sink). Most plumbers are able to replace pipes in a way that you may not even be able to tell that they were broken, but children should be taught to respect these plastic passages. 

Water Damage

Bath time may be a short part of a quick nighttime ritual, but the effects may be much longer lasting. Depending on how much your children splash and get water on the surrounding areas of your bathroom, you may eventually have wood rot or water damage. Experienced plumbers can very easily detect water damage, and instruct you on the steps you need to take in order to fix the problem. If you have any question as to whether or not your bathroom needs some work done, contact a local plumber. 

In conclusion, take special care to teach your children appropriate bathroom behavior. This will ensure that they take care of themselves and your bathroom in a way that will keep everyone safe and the home sound. 

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