Top Furnace Repair Emergencies

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Top Furnace Repair Emergencies

Top Furnace Repair Emergencies

29 May 2019
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Is your furnace working properly right now? This is one of those home appliances that should always work appropriately. Some boiler problems aren't really that serious. You can even troubleshoot and resolve them by yourself. On the other hand, some issues are too serious that they are called emergencies. If these occur, your home's heating needs can be greatly affected. These emergencies include:

Weird sounds

If you have been hearing strange noises in your furnace for a while, get in touch with an emergency repair professional as soon as possible. They will detect the exact source of these noises and suggest the best solutions. Sometimes the noises are as a result of loose ductwork, especially if these are banging sounds. Tapping noises are likely caused by a damaged fan belt while other noises can be so strange that only a trained furnace repair professional can end them.

Total furnace malfunction

If you have tried to turn on your furnace in vain, then there might be a major problem with it. Check the thermostat first and if it seems to work just fine, then the source of the problem should be investigated further. Call a professional to carry out this work.

Combustion problem

Emergency repairs may be needed when a combustion issue occurs. If you notice that the CO alarm has gone off, take it as a sign that it has detected carbon monoxide. Further, this should tell you that there is an emergency combustion problem to deal with. So, call an HVAC repair expert immediately.

The burner flame and pilot light turn yellow

The normal color of the flame and pilot light is blue. If you notice a yellow flame, something is amiss. Call a furnace repair contractor immediately to come and figure out how excessive CO can be driven out of the system.

The furnace releases less heat than usual

If the heating system's heat output is becoming poorer by the day, there is a cause behind it. There could be defective components that only a trained expert can identify and repair.

Boiler emergencies can happen anytime and keeping a technician's number near you is so crucial. As you search for a good HVAC professional, consider their repair costs. Ask each professional you come across online to quote their average repair charges. Compare the local rates by contacting various companies such as High Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

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