Gas Furnace Problems Of Concern

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Gas Furnace Problems Of Concern

Gas Furnace Problems Of Concern

10 October 2018
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When a central heater becomes problematic to the extent of not producing heat, it is usually related to the furnace. If you have a gas furnace, each problem should be treated as an emergency when it comes to making repairs. The reason why is because gas furnaces are dangerous and can put your life in danger if there is a leak in a line. There are also other aspects of a gas furnace that makes them dangerous when problems are present. In this article, learn about the problems of a gas furnace and the repairs that a technician might need to perform to correct them.

A Bright Yellow Pilot Flame

A furnace pilot that has a bright yellow flame can point to why your central heater doesn't work properly. Complete combustion is necessary for a pilot to produce heat to the fullest extent, which usually leads to a blue flame being present. A yellow flame could be caused by several things, but it is commonly a sign that combustion isn't completing. You should be concerned when the pilot flame isn't blue because it might mean that you are being exposed to carbon monoxide, which can be fatal when inhaled. Keep in mind that unless there is a carbon monoxide detector in your home, you might have no idea that it is present due to being odorless.

No Flame in the Pilot Area

When you don't feel any heat being produced by the system, the pilot to your furnace should be of a concern. Simply take a look at the orifice to see if you see any fire coming out of it. If the pilot flame has gone out, it is why your heater doesn't produce heat anymore. One perk of a pilot that has no flame is that it isn't a repair that will take a long time to repair or requiring spending a lot of money. A technician might be able to reignite the pilot for an affordable price, as well as perform the task on the same day that it is needed.

A Strong Odor of Gas

You should never consider the odor of gas a minor concern, especially if it continues to get strong in your house. Once the gas line to your furnace begins to leak, fire or sparks can cause an explosion in your house. A leaking gas line doesn't necessarily mean that your furnace is damaged, it might simply mean that the gas line is in need of being replaced as soon as possible. 

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