Common Signs That Your Home's Air Conditioner Is About To Fail

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Common Signs That Your Home's Air Conditioner Is About To Fail

Common Signs That Your Home's Air Conditioner Is About To Fail

7 September 2017
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During the heat of the summer, many homeowners rely on their air conditioner around the clock to keep their home at a cool and comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, HVAC units don't last forever, and you will eventually need to replace yours. No one wants their air conditioner to fail completely on a hot summer day, so it is important to know the signs of a failing HVAC unit so you can make plans to have it replaced. Some common signs that your home's air conditioner has reached the end of its lifespan include:

Increasing Bills

As an HVAC unit ages, it can no longer run as efficiently as it used to. Thus, it may run longer and cycle on and off more often in order to keep your home cool. When your air conditioner has to run longer and more often, you will likely see an increase in your electricity bill during the summer months. If you notice a big spike in the cost to cool your home, it often means that your air conditioner is on its last legs and needs to be replaced with a new unit.

Constant Problems

In many cases, air conditioning units quit working properly out of nowhere. When an HVAC unit is near the end, you will problem begin to notice that it has a number of problems that need repair by a professional HVAC technician. Getting your air conditioner repaired is not cheap, and if you're experiencing constant problems it usually means that your air conditioner is on the way to failure. Instead of pouring money into having your air conditioner fixed, it is a better idea to put that cash towards buying a new HVAC unit.

Lack of Cool Air

When an air conditioner no longer works properly, you will most likely notice that the air being forced into your home is not as cool as it used to be. This can make your home uncomfortably warm during the summer when you're trying to escape the heat. You can have your air conditioner checked out by an HVAC company, but if your A/C is very old, the components of the appliance are probably worn out and can no longer create very cool air for your home.

Strange Noises

As an HVAC unit begins to fail, you may notice strange sounds from the outside unit. These noises can sound like clanging, screeching, whining, or banging. Strange sounds from your HVAC unit are never a good thing, and you should consider checking out the price to buy a new HVAC unit and have it installed. 

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