Top Complaints Of Home Guests And How To Avoid Them

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Top Complaints Of Home Guests And How To Avoid Them

Top Complaints Of Home Guests And How To Avoid Them

14 July 2017
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When providing hospitality to friends or family, you may be eager to leave a great impression about your abilities as a host. The problem is that many houseguests won't tell you what they're really thinking when staying at your house. That certainly makes it hard to correct an issue with comfort during your guest's stay. But you can try to avoid some of these issues by thinking about these common discomforts that guests experience while staying at someone else's house.

It's Too Cold/Too Hot

The decision of how hot or cold to keep one's home is very personal. It's likely that you and your guests will clash. The simple solution would be to provide a separate control system for heating and cooling so that your guest can control the temperature in their own space within your home. That could involve getting a heating and cooling contractor to install a thermostat for that area specifically. Or, it could mean having a window AC/heating system that provides additional heating or cooling to their guest room. Maintenance for HVAC will be important for ensuring that hot and cold air is reaching all parts of the house, not just the ones you spend time in and notice frequently. Reach out to an HVAC company, like Boyers  R S Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc., for help preparing to keep your guests comfortable.

The Bed Is Uncomfortable

Choice of mattress is another very personal preference. Not everyone will be pleased with the same bed, no matter how much you pay for it. You might consider a foam mattress that conforms to each guest's body position. Or, you might have a firm mattress and then offer mattress toppers for people to customize the softness of the bed to their personal preferences. Beds with adjustable heights will also be a hit. And of course, if you can afford it, a mattress with fully adjustable pressure and incline would suit a lot of guests.

The Bathroom Is Dirty

Bathroom cleanliness can be a touchy issue; it's not generally comfortable to use someone else's bathroom to wash up. Consider simple bathroom fixtures with a glass shower enclosure that makes bathroom cleanup easier for you. On the flip side, provide trash cans and a handheld broom so that guests can do some of their own bathroom cleanup.

I'm Hungry

A final thing to think about is how your guests probably have different eating habits. You might not have the same meal schedule as them. Or, they may be more of a grazer rather than a meal person, which would leave them hungry in between larger meals. You could ask ahead of time what kinds of snacks they like to have and give them free reign to access those items in the fridge whenever they need to.

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