Heated Flooring And Smart Showers Can Make Great New Additions To Your Bathroom

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Heated Flooring And Smart Showers Can Make Great New Additions To Your Bathroom

Heated Flooring And Smart Showers Can Make Great New Additions To Your Bathroom

5 May 2016
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If you are getting ready to renovate or simply update your bathroom, you should know that bathroom styles and plumbing fixtures continue to change and evolve. Many of these evolving styles on the market take into consideration your level of comfort, set a mood, and even keep you connected to the world outside of your bathroom. Not only will adding these updated features give you a much richer bathroom experience, but they can add to the overall value of your home. Here is a sampling of two features you may want to consider for your renovation.

Heated Floors

Not too many people enjoy stepping out of a nice warm shower onto a cold floor, especially if they live in an area that gets really cold. You no longer have to if you choose to install heated flooring in your bathroom. Although heated flooring has been on the market for a while, it initially had a substantial price tag. Changes in technology have made this increasingly affordable, and you can now install tile floor heating for as little as $5 to $8 dollars per square foot. 

There are two basic styles of heated flooring. They are electric radiant heating and hydronic heating. 

Electric radiant heating systems, which are the most common systems installed, use an electrical based heating element under your tile, stone, or hardwoods to heat your flooring. This is installed with thin heating cables, much like those that you find in your electric blanket, that are then connected to a power source. Although this may be seen as a luxury, it can also be quite cost effective, in that an average size system does not consume any more electricity than three 100W light bulbs. 

Hydronic heating systems, on the other hand, do not use even that much electricity. These systems are even more energy efficient and work through the use of a liquid, which is usually water, being run through series of tubing that will be located under your flooring. Once this liquid is heated normally by your boiler or water heating system, it is run through the tubing, which allows it to transfer the heat to the flooring above it.

Both systems have a thermostat that gives you full control over your system. You are able to choose the temperature, as well as the turn-on and turn-off times that your floor heating will operate. 

Smart Showers

Installing a smart shower will allow you to heighten your showering experience. You are now able to find models that will allow you to conserve water, while still giving you a good water flow.

Some models do this by sensing when you need less water because you are not in the shower, or because you are standing closer to the shower head. In addition to these, you are able to find models that will emit colored lighting to alert you to the amount of water of water you are using in the shower.

If you are not as concerned with conservation as you are with ensuring that your water is the perfect temperature, there are models on the market that will now let you turn your shower on, select your water temperature, adjust your bathroom lighting, and send your favorite tunes directly to your shower speakers all before you get out of the bed. Not only will this make it faster for you to get in the shower in the morning, but it also offers you a real safety feature against your shower water being too hot.

Speak to your local plumber about these and other upgrades that you may want to consider during your remodel. Upgrades in your bathroom will not only make your life a little better, but they can really be selling features. Buyers will be able to see the investment that you have made into the home, and the upgrades may be the deciding feature between your home and another one they are considering on the market.

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